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Welcome to Sara's Halal Foods

In a World of Changing Tastes, Sara's Halal Foods Meets the Challenge

Today’s customers are choosy and getting more so. As lifestyles change, consumers are becoming adventurous and more open to new tastes such as South African food but at the same time, harder to please.

Keeping consumers happy means delivering what they want: taste, quality, convenience and value for money. This means changing as they change and anticipating their new tastes. That's why it makes sense to buy Sara's Halal Chicken and other Halal Frozen Food for Muslim communities across the UK.

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We believe is offering our customers with fresh, healthy and tasty Halal meat. We procure meat either from our own land or by reliable local breeders. We want all our customers to come again and again whenever they need Halal meat. This is reason why we not only sell meat but build relationships with our customers.

We hold all the necessary certifications from the respective authorities and all our process run under the guidelines defined under these certificates.

With extensive expertise in the Halal food suppliers industry, Sara's Halal Foods are one of the largest suppliers of Muslim Foods offering a wide range of Halal Chicken, South African food and other Products. Sara's Halal Foods are prepared under the highest hygienic standards after it has been researched, developed by our qualified and experienced Halal butchers and of course tested by respective customers.

Our halal meat products include a wide range of HMC approved South African Food online such as boerewors and biltong and a range of Halal Deli products such as salami, polonies, sliced meats and franks.